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The best backup solutions for MacBooks and devices; Focused on automation and data redundancy.

Best way to backup your Mac

Like most people, I’m lazy about backing up my data. If it’s remotely inconvenient, I won’t do it. Fortunately, there are now several things you can do to back up your data in 2021, all without having to lift a finger. Smart Wi-Fi 6 access points and cloud computing services have changed the backup playing […]

iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini

Create a private and fully redundant cloud drive that you control and host on your home network

There are a lot of cloud drive options out there, but most of them are hosted and controlled by companies like Dropbox, Google, Box, Apple, and Amazon. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to run your own cloud drive and maintain complete control over your files. How to create a private cloud drive […]

Resilio cloud files

Backblaze Review

I’ve tested several mobile backup services, and Backblaze is easily my favorite. There are three key elements to a cloud backup service that I require. They include ease-of-use, functionality, and affordability. Backblaze excels at all of these. Easiest Online Backup Unlike the other online backup services I’ve tried, Backblaze was not only easy to set […]