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How to import Evernote notes to Apple Notes

Evernote to Apple Notes While I’ve enjoyed using Evernote, over the years it’s become too cumbersome to use. I’ve been looking for a simpler note-taking app, and have slowly fallen in love with Apple Notes. They’ve added just the right amount of styling features and it supports file attachments. I’ve wanted to try moving off […]

Evernote to Apple Notes

Why you should ditch the iPhone case and treat it like a MacBook

What’s the first thing you do when you buy a new car? Do you immediately go out and buy a giant rubber bumper that wraps around the entire vehicle? Do you place a plastic protective shield over your windows? Of course you don’t. Your car is built to withstand harsh road conditions, the occasional bump […]

Chrome packaged apps pave way for future of browser-based computing

Back in 2010 I randomly received a Google ChromeOS CR-48 Notebook (aka Chromebook). I reviewed the notebook and its OS and determined it was still far away from wide adoption. [ChromeOS] will require extreme maturation before becoming a viable alternative. Some of its biggest problems included the inability to layer or cascade windows, and it’s […]

How to use native Screen Sharing in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) has an excellent screen sharing app built right into the operating system. The screen sharing app enable you to access and control the screen of another computer on your network. I like using in on my MacBook Air when I want to quickly access our family iMac. It’s perfect for […]

Review of Pages for iPad

When I wrote about why the iPad is significant, I stated that the iPad is a computer for everyone. While many people still see it as a media consumption device, I predict that it will ultimately replace the need for traditional computers. This is especially true for casual, non-business users. The iPad goes well beyond […]

How to Import Keynote or PowerPoint Presentations into the iPad

The iPad doesn’t allow you to copy files to it, like you would a portable drive. Instead, you have to either use iCloud Drive or email documents to yourself. Add Keynote or PowerPoint Presentations via iCloud Drive The easiest way to get Keynote or PowerPoint presentations on your iPad is to use iCloud Drive. For […]

Why the iPad is Significant

The reason Apple has been so successful with their devices is that their products solve problems. The iPod (coupled with iTunes) solved the problem of music distribution and portability. While the iPhone solved the problem of mobile Internet access and smartphone usability. Just like its close cousins, the iPad solves several longstanding problems with data […]

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