The Kindle is Like a Rotary Phone

Kindle and Rotary Phone

The Kindle is the rotary phone of e-readers. Similar to the rotary phone’s requirement of turning a dial for each number, so is’s joystick and non-touch screen. When I’m not engrossed in book, and I’m trying to navigate the system or content like a newspaper, I’m constantly annoyed by the limitations and slowness of the controls. I can’t help thinking how I wish I could just tap the screen to get what I want.

The iPhone has set the precedence for a portable, mobile device. The ability to easily access, navigate, and manipulate data with a tap or swoosh of my finger(s) has made a UI that relies on joysticks and giant buttons obsolete. I also find myself wishing for a more interactive and unique experience with the content. Instead, there’s no visual difference between any of the content. All books, magazines, and newspapers look exactly the same, and I can’t easily interact with the copy.

Apple is coming out with a tablet soon, and I have no doubt it’s going to include the interactive experience I’m longing for. There’s also a very good chance that it will include the ability to use it as an e-reader. Knowing Apple (as I do), this will most likely be a Kindle-killer (among other things.)

Even with the Apple tablet out of the picture, I’m still not pleased with the Kindle. I simply can’t get past its antiquated UI. And regardless of the fact that it offers the ability to live more simply by replacing the need to have hundreds of books on shelves, it’s not good enough to play a daily role in my life.

I’ve only had the Kindle DX for about three months, and I haven’t used it very much, so it’s still in excellent condition. The Kindle DX is also on backorder for 2-3 weeks at and used Kindle’s are selling for as much as $700. So I’ve decided to sell my Kindle on eBay and use the money to buy the Apple tablet when it’s released. That way I’ll make a couple hundred dollars profit off my Kindle and be able to put my money towards a product that’s relevant, modern, diverse and usable. Basically, a product I can integrate into my daily life.