Why you should ditch the iPhone case and treat it like a MacBook

iPhone cases

What’s the first thing you do when you buy a new car? Do you immediately go out and buy a giant rubber bumper that wraps around the entire vehicle? Do you place a plastic protective shield over your windows? Of course you don’t.

Your car is built to withstand harsh road conditions, the occasional bump from another car and will remain perfectly drivable if it gets scratched. The same is true for your iPhone. Yet, more than 90% of iPhone owners (I’m guesstimating here) immediately buy cases and stick a protective plastic cover over their screen. All of which is completely unnecessary and ruins the aesthetics of a beautifully crafted device.

Can you imagine doing the same thing with your car? If you did, it would mean that you only get to see and use it as it was intended when you first purchase it and the day you sell it. All of the years in between are spent knowing there’s a sporty car underneath, but you’re too afraid to expose it to the elements. That’s no way to live your live, let alone the things you interact with on a daily basis.

Perhaps people think they need to protect their phone, because they still treat it like their old plastic Nokia. I have news for you, iPhones are not phones, they’re small mobile computers. They’re not made to be thrown around and treated like a cheap plastic electronic devices. But they are well made, so if you don’t treat them like a cheap toy, they’ll do just fine without the need for protective armor.

If the cost of fixing the iPhone is a concern, which it should be, buy AppleCare. If AppleCare adds too much cost to the iPhone, get a lower-end iPhone. Every iPhone that is sold new is a good iPhone.

Stop treating your iPhone like a plastic throwaway Nokia. Treat it like the tiny mobile computer that it is. If you don’t want to carry around a small mobile computer, buy a cheap Nokia smartphone from Cricket Wireless.