The Best Portable iPhone Charger: BOLT + Nomad

Bolt Battery Backup and Wall Charger Kaboy8Kino1Ba1

I’ve spent years trying to find the best portable battery charger for my iPhone. I thought I had finally found the perfect solution a couple years ago when I started using the Zagg SPARQ. The wall plug was built into it, and its slim size made it easy to fit in my bag (but not my pocket). While it worked, it was still a bit heavier and bulkier than I wanted. What I really wanted was something that was light and could stay in my pocket without bothering me.

I recently found what I’ve been looking for. It’s called BOLT and it’s made by a company named FLUXMOB.

The BOLT is light and tiny. It’s also about 1/3 the size of the SPARQ.

Bolt compared to Zagg

This is how big (or small) the BOLT is in my hand. It’s tiny!

Charger in hand

One of the things that has bothered me with portable phone chargers in the past is the amount of time it takes to charge it. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it only takes a few hours for the BOLT to get back to a full charge.

Charging the Bolt

When you couple the BOLT with the Nomad keychain cable or clip, you have the perfect portable charger for your iPhone. I always keep my tiny NomadKey on my keychain and take the BOLT with me whenever I’m traveling.

Charging and iphone