iPad Security

Apple hasn’t shown it on their site, and it seems that nobody has included it in their reviews, but iPad security is an important – albeit brief – topic that should be mentioned. If you’re like me, then you have all of your email, contacts, calendars, documents, and much more on your iPad. The last thing you want is to have your iPad stolen or lost, and to give access to that data to a stranger.

Fortunately, the iPad runs on the same OS as the iPhone (the iPhone OS). That means you get the same security features you would have on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

To enable security, click on the Settings icon. Then click on the General option in the left column. Under the General options, click on Passcode Lock. An “Enter Passcode” window will appear. Enter a four digit passcode. After you save your passcode, you will also have the option to wipe the iPad of all data if the code is entered incorrectly too many times.

Setup Passcode on iPad

The next time you turn on your iPad, you’ll be presented with a passcode window. That means you’re iPad is now protected!

Entering Passcode into iPad