How to import Evernote notes to Apple Notes

Evernote to Apple Notes
Evernote to Apple Notes

While I’ve enjoyed using Evernote, over the years it’s become too cumbersome to use. I’ve been looking for a simpler note-taking app, and have slowly fallen in love with Apple Notes. They’ve added just the right amount of styling features and it supports file attachments.

I’ve wanted to try moving off of Evernote to Apple Notes for quite some time, but moving hundreds of notes would have taken forever. However, thanks to the OS X 10.11.4 update, you can now import Evernote notes into Apple Notes.

Import Evernote notes into Apple macOS Notes

Importing notes from Evernote into Apple Notes is surprisingly easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. In Evernote, select all of your notes. Then from the Menu bar, click on FileExport Notes…
  2. Save the file in the Evernote XML Format, which should be selected by default.
    Evernote XML Format
  3. In Apple Notes, from the Menu bar, click on FileImport Notes…
  4. Find and select the Evernote file you just created and that’s it!

A successful import will include everything, including PDFs and other file attachments. The greatest part about Apple Notes is that all of your notes will automatically be available on your iOS devices and browser thanks to iCloud.

One note of caution. While Apple Notes is great, it’s still not perfect and doesn’t have everything that Evernote has. For example, you can say goodbye to versioning. Hopefully one day they’ll add it, but if you can’t live without it, you may want to stay with Evernote.