How Fast is USB 3.0?

Just how fast is USB 3.0 compared to USB 2.0 and FireWire 800? It’s crazy fast! USB 2.0 has a maximum data transfer speed of 480mbps, and FireWire 800 has a maximum speed of 800mbps. USB 3.0 shatters those speeds with a maximum data throughput of 4.8gbps! Yup, that’s 4,800mbps!

New Features of USB 3.0

GigaOM posted several new features of USB 3.0. These are my favorites:

USB 3.0 Hardware

There still isn’t a lot of hardware available for USB 3.0 yet, but what is available is getting good reviews. For example, this USB 3.0 external hard drive is already getting rave reviews for reliability and speed. If you have a desktop computer that accepts PCI cards, you can upgrade your computer now with this USB 3.0 PCI card and one of these cables.