Backblaze Review


I’ve tested several mobile backup services, and Backblaze is easily my favorite. There are three key elements to a cloud backup service that I require. They include ease-of-use, functionality, and affordability. Backblaze excels at all of these.

Easiest Online Backup

Unlike the other online backup services I’ve tried, Backblaze was not only easy to set up but also stayed out of my way. When I originally tested and used Mozy, it suffered from what I call the Windows effect. It would display unwanted messages and there was no way for me to turn them off in the preferences.

Backblaze Apple Menu Options

Backblaze runs silently on my computer, and I can easily check the status by clicking on its menu icon. The menu icon also provides a shortcut to its preferences if I need more details or need to change a setting.

Online Backup Features

One of my favorite features in Backblaze is the Throttle setting. The Throttle allows you to control the speed at which files are uploaded to their backup server. You can pull the throttle down to prioritize network and Internet speed or push the throttle all the way up to maximize the outgoing upload limit of your Internet connection.

Backblaze Speed Throttle Preference

Backblaze comes with the ability to schedule your backups and makes it easy to exclude unwanted folders and file types.

They provide an excellent web application if you ever need to view or restore your files. You have the option to download a zip file for free, or you can pay them to ship you a DVD or USB Hard Drive with all of your files.

Backblaze File Restore

Backblaze also includes a feature you wouldn’t expect from an online backup service, the ability to locate your computer. If your computer is ever lost or stolen, you may be able to recover it using their Locate My Computer feature.

Backblaze Locate Computer

Perfect Cloud Backup Price

The Backblaze service includes the ability to backup your entire hard drive, no matter what the size is, for only $6/mo. It’s an incredible value and well worth the money. I’ve been using Backblaze to automatically backup my computer and my wife’s computer for well over a year now, and we only pay $12/mo. It’s a small price to pay for a piece of mind and an incredible automated service.

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